A s h l e i g h ♥ (rangergrl726_) wrote in vintage_beautes,
A s h l e i g h ♥


Okay, well as we all have seen alot here lately, this community is well dying. And in mist of all the mods having busy lives now, I figured I would step in before I left the community.

The only thing I have seen around this community lately is promotion so first off, you can't promote if the last two entries have a promotion in them (example: I post a promotion and then someone promotes in the entry after mine, they will be banned, or the entry after that). Second off, PROMOTE this community to other communities! Gah, How are you supposed to be in a community and not want others to join? I've seen many complaints about this community dying, it could easily be saved if you would take the time out of your "busy" Livejournal life to promote. I will even make you promotion banners you lazy bums and post you some codes. ;o)

Save this community!! I don't want to see it die!

Promotion 1:


Promotion 2:


I think that's enough to get you started. PROMOTE PROMOTE PROMOTE!!!

Thank you,
Ashleigh ♥
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