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We are the Beautifully Vintage

Forever to be Beautiful

♥ Vintage Beauties ♥
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Yes, another rating community! This comm
is for the Beautifully Vintage girls of livejournal.
If you love people like Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn
Monroe, Billie Holiday, and Elizabeth Taylor,
then this is the place for you!

1 // LJ-CUT is a must.
2 // 14 years and older. No exceptions.
3 // When we say 3 pictures .. we mean 3 pictures.
4 // Comment ONLY on your application. Commenting elsewhere and post will cause you to be rejected.
5 // Where it says 'Favorite Vintage Beauty' we mean some one like Billie Holiday, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, or Elizabeth Taylor. Doesn't have to be one of those, though.
6 // Be nice to the mods and stamped member. They are the ones voting on you.
7 // As soon as you join, apply! Don't wait around.
8 // Finally, when posting your app, put 'Beautifully Vintage' in the subject line.

1 // Stay Active! Duh!
2 // When voting, put -yes- or -no- in the subject line. It makes counting easier.
3 // Don't be to rude to the applicants. You don't want someone to be bitchy with you. If you do leave rude comments, they will be deleted.
4 // If you post pictures, please use an lj-cut. I don't want pictures messing up the sizing for our layout.
5 // Promotions are accepted. Yet, only 1 per week and use and lj-cut. And if at all possible, promote us there!

// about you
Name ::
Age ::
Location ::
Sexuality ::
Zodiac Sign ::
Status ::
Style ::
Hobbies ::
Where did you hear about this community ((give username if possible))::

// favorites
Color ::
Word ::
Music ::
Movies ::
Actors ::
Actresses ::
Book ::
Stores ::
Vintage Beauty ::

// opinions
Ryan Gosling ::
Independant Films ::
Kurt Cobain ::
Cutting ::
Abortion ::
Posers ::
'Trying too Hard' (to be something that is) ::

// promote
Promote us somewhere. Show us 2 links.

// convince us
What makes you a Vintage Beauty? ::
If you could be anyone for a day, who would it be? ::
What does your username mean? ::
Will you stay active? ::
Can you make us laugh? ::
Now say something random ::

// pictures
Post 3 pictures of yourself.
One must be a headshot.

Holly Anne.
aka - Billie.
Head Mod & Graphic Creator.

Megan Amber.
aka - Elizabeth.

Emily Caroline.
aka - Audrey.

Andrea Jill.
aka - Marilyn.

+Click here for the list.

+Accepted Audrey
+Accepted Marilyn
+Accepted Elizabeth

+Rejected Audrey
+Rejected Marilyn
+Rejected Billie

+Audrey Promo
+Marilyin Promo
+Billie Promo
+Elizabeth Promo